Welcome 2012!

by Elaine on January 5, 2012

We have been awaiting you with great anticipation.

And so we are here!  Yes, I know, nearly a week into it!

But, oh my, I’ve been having a hard time emerging from the whirlwind of the last month. I’m really dragging my feet into 2012, which is crazy since 2011 was such a heavy year for me. Really, I’m ready to move on — or rather I’m ready to grow into a new year of possibility. Yes, indeed I am. I have loads of exciting things planned for this new year and I want to get it started.

But my feet just won’t budge.

Please, 2011, let go of me and let me move on . . .

Perhaps it’s the blustery weather we are having this week. I love it, but it’s really curl-up-under-a-blanket-and-read-a-book-or-watch-a-good-movie type weather.  Not that I’ve been doing that, but indeed it is what I’d like to be doing!

Yesterday my friend Joanna reminded me that this is the time when I am supposed to be feeling like this. (I was so grateful for this reminder.) Time for stillness and gestation. Of course this makes total sense to me. We spend December celebrating, visiting, eating, and gifting. So why on earth would I have had time to think about what I would do for the new year by January 1st!?! Well, actually I do have an idea, but only because I’ve been working on this for some time now. However, I will spend the month of January finishing and refining my plans, until I emerge in February like a groundhog or crocus.

Until then, I will drink my green smoothies and exercise as I do every day, and . . .

:: Celebrate a birthday . . .  the  BIG 16!!!

:: Blog

:: Dream of my spring garden (and chickens and worms)

:: Take yummy photos

:: Read

:: Manifest

:: Knit

:: Do art

:: Make food

What are your plans for the month?



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